4 Online Fundraising Tools for Every Nonprofit

4 Online Fundraising Tools for Every Nonprofit

The nonprofit landscape is rough terrain, defined by limited resources and unlimited pressure. In a world where financial and human resources are limited, nonprofits are seeking tools to help streamline fundraising processes while also increasing donor gifts. We have identified 4 virtual tools you can leverage to be the rockstar fundraiser you were born to be! 

1. Manage the Donor Journey with a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) 

In the early 1900’s economist, Vilfredo Pareto, proposed a mathematical formula that demonstrated 80% of the wealth in Italy was controlled by 20% of the population. Applied to the nonprofit sector, some nonprofit experts have found that this same rule applies, with 80% of all donations being made by 20% of its major donors. That seems important! So, how can you track that 20% and make sure you maintain lasting relationships with them? The answer: Customer Relationship Management software. 

Customer Relationship Management software (or CRM for short) enables fundraising teams to better identify potential donors, keep up with existing ones, and drive growth. Here’s one that we recommend! 


More About Bloomerang: We focus on functionality that will truly move the needle for your organization, and do not mess around with superficial bells and whistles that look good on paper, but ultimately distract from what you need to succeed. 

Why should you use it?: Bloomerang is a well-equipped donor management tool which enables you to manage your donor base with: 

  • A dashboard 
  • A giving summary with your donor’s engagement level and a  generosity score (to help you find those major donors that fit into the 20%)  
  • High-level and granular reporting 
  • A timeline of donor communication 
  • Email and snail mail marketing 
  • Social listening capabilities

 2. Optimize email campaigns with Marketing Automation 

Automation is the key to both maintaining your sanity! Marketing automation allows you to do just that while also leveraging customer data to deliver them the right message at the right time.  


More About Sharpspring: SharpSpring tracks customers even before you know their name. We connect the dots and tell you where they’ve been. You can then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests. Notable features include: behavior based email campaigns, campaign tracking, dynamic landing pages, a blog builder, social listening, CRM & sales automation, a dynamic form builder and reporting and analytics. 

Why should you use it? 

  • It’s affordable 
  • You can unify marketing and sales efforts in one tool (tracking leads and targeting existing contacts for ongoing campaigns via the marketing module) 
  • Drives more leads (donors)
  • Converts them to sales (donations)
  • Optimizes your marketing efforts 

3. Increase Donor Giving with Crowdsourcing  

 The final tool you will need to complete your suite of fundraising software is a donation platform. Although some donors are more inclined to donate via check or cash,  much of modern fundraising is done digitally. Specifically, crowdsourcing fundraising allows you to create an extension of staff when you are short on human capital. 

We recommend HaloShare, a peer-to-peer fundraising platform that turns your loyal community into fundraisers. Let’s say you wanted to create a campaign for Giving Tuesday. In less than ten minutes, you create a campaign in the back end of our tool and your user can create a front-end donation page to share with their network of friends and family. This means you increase your reach and donor dollars. The best news? It is risk-free with zero up-front capital! 

How would you use it? Here are a few instances where a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign could be used: 

Fundraising Competitions 

If you have a competitive board as some nonprofits do, you can take advantage of it! Each participant can create a customizable fundraising page where they can raise funds on behalf of your organization. The exciting part is you can track the competition on the back end and make gradual announcements to keep the competition alive! 

Corporate Responsibility 

The largest workforce population at the moment is millennials. As a generation, this group tends to look for purpose in their workplace, including social responsibility programs. In HaloShare, you have the ability to create campaigns for your corporate partners to raise funds for your cause and boost morale within their organization at the same time! They can create a page for each department or for the entire organization. 

Live Donation Collection 

Have you ever attended a meeting and had a potential donor or partner ask, “That sounds like a great cause, how can I support you?”. If you’ve created a campaign in HaloShare (or one of your donors has), that donation can be collected on the spot! Additionally, as they use the page to donate, it is a great opportunity to highlight the perks of creating their very own campaign! 

4. Track your finances without going cross-eyed 


Staring at endless amounts of Excel spreadsheets and feeling overwhelmed? Of course, you can’t completely eliminate the need for accounting (the IRS doesn’t seem to take too kindly to that), however, you can use a tool that will streamline the process. 

  • SoftwareXero
  • More About Xero: From their website: Xero’s secure online accounting software lets you work from anywhere, share with your employees and collaborate with your advisors. Just add apps to create a complete solution for your business. 
  • Why should you use it? From a feature perspective, Xero falls in line with most accounting software out there. However, it is a more reasonably affordable option for nonprofits, with a starting rate of $9 per month (or $60 per month for larger organizations). Additionally, for a registered nonprofit Xero has a 25% discount.  

It is user friendly, secure, and it also has a simple to use app. It is best suited to a nonprofit starting out and will give you the tools you need early on for a lower price point while still being scalable. 

Summing it Up:

While this is not an all-inclusive list of every tool you will ever need to run a successful donor campaign, the products outlined here are critical, core technologies that will help take your future giving initiatives to the next level! 


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