HaloShare Honored at 2019 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards

HaloShare Honored at 2019 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards

HaloShare is a fundraising platform that contributes to empowering and enabling the mission of passionate and driven nonprofit organizations.  

Newark, DE – HaloShare received an honor under the “Most Promising Ventures” category at the 2019 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards. 

HaloShare‘s fundraising platform provides solutions for nonprofits and delivers interminable support to the nonprofit sector by providing catalysts and changemakers with the technology to advance fundraising tactics and techniques.   

Through HaloShare’s user-friendly and risk-free platform, nonprofit organizations are able to utilize the different fundraising strategies offered to carryout campaign efforts that have the potential to reach more people and raise more funds.   

By covering heavily discussed nonprofit topics through various blogs, infographics and eBooks, HaloShare delivers the high-quality support that nonprofits need in order to be successful.  

HaloShare’s campaign solution has the capability to quickly set up and automate unlimited, fully customized web and mobile donation campaigns in under 10 minutes with no initial costs, no monthly fees and no contracts or commitments.   

The Blue Hen 17&43 Awards recognize University of Delaware students and alumni who’ve funded or led promising, new ventures and fast-growing companies.    

More About HaloShare

HaloShare, founded in Tucson, AZ in 2018 by a team of experienced philanthropists, fundraisers, entrepreneurs and innovators, leverages technology to serve and contribute to positive social change in the nonprofit sector.    

The solution-based platform is versatile, user-friendly and risk-free to all users. HaloShare provides solution ready tools so organizations can focus on their primary mission rather than the complexities of fundraising.   

HaloShare offers support to public charities, private foundations and other types of nonprofit organizations alike.   


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